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Through this creative inquiry I came to understand what music represents to me. By means of improvisation and experimentation, the track developed into a thing in and of itself, transcending the need for a first-person narrative. In this imaginary space I was able to establish that the fundamental nature of music is nature itself.

The experience of composition is the closest I can get to the source of creation. However, inorganic the technology may be, the essence is still the same. Music is a mediator, it reinterprets, imitates, and transcends. It flows through us purely by intention. As the creative process evolves, so too does the potential to draw upon its many forms and variations.

While we can never really identify one definitive source of origin, music is one of the closest representational forms there is. Not only can music mediate conscious and unconscious intention, it is inseparable from its underlying process in human creation. Through interpretation, the eclectic sounds of nature have informed human language and is the driving force behind ritualistic and communal activities.

My process of disruption to the structures of the creative experience involved improvisation and experimentation. With no defined structure, tempo, genre, or style in mind, the experience was purely intuitive. I reversed my workflow and built the piece through a process of elimination. Compiling all the samples first, which were sixty odd bird, insect, amphibian and mammal calls, interspersed with some wild drum solos, there was a definite sense of chaos, and potential for disaster. However, after finding my feet I was immediately enchanted. My experience being communal, tribal, festive, and playful.

In reflection I believe I have a better understanding of how my creative practise can be used within arts-based research. I had assumed that the logic rationale of academia would cancel out creative spontaneity. However, what I found in this investigation was quite the opposite. The essence of the experience does not change. The interconnection between them again relying on intuition, perception, and interpretation. Therefore, in my experience the fundamental essence of music is the natural world.

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